Hougie Board Craft

For Christmas I was gifted a, Hougie Board, and have had fun creating various things in the craft room. This is a recent flower for a card just using a basic creasing effect.My Martha Stewart punch prettied up the edges of three strips of paper. A small pearl strand and button finish off the centre.


An introduction to Plantalicious.com

My cousin has turned his life around with his eating habits, and what started out as a blog, has now become a way of life and a new business.



Blog Changes

I am making changes to my blog. I no longer write for other companies but am writing for individuals who wish to advertise their work/blogs/websites, etc.. Hence the tidier sidebars. I also hope to keep sharing my personal poetry and craft snippets here.

My writing life has become busier, and my personal life has also changed and become extremely busy. I have spent time adding blogs to Feedly.com so I can read more and write less posts. The posts I will write, I hope you will find interesting. For a short time I will be uploading posts from blogs I have shutdown, and roll everything into one. Bear with me while I sort myself out.

New with regards to my novel, Maggie's Child. It made it into the second round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards, and hit #1 spots on Amazon paid best-seller lists. It didn't make it to the quarter finals of the award but I am extremely proud of a book I thought was my weakest. My readers had other ideas!

Motorhome Freedom

My best friend has family in New Zealand and we have been discussing a 'once in a lifetime' visit. Her family are getting older and she would like to visit her siblings. The problem is, they live miles apart and one is too frail to make the journey. Our option will be to hire a motor home but one member of the family has expressed a desire to purchase one and lend it to us for the event.

Researching online brought up, Smartmotorhomes, and their website is packed with luxurious homes on wheels.
A wonderful way to travel and see the countryside without giving up comfort. Freedom in a motorhome! I downloaded their catalogue for my friend and we are going to drool over the many comforts and technological assets the homes have.

Just take a look at the interior of one in the Elegance range.

 How luxurious is that? Imagine driving and then stopping to eat at a beauty spot, driving more and sleeping in comfort, the same comfort as home or a hotel. There is even storage much like a shed, for bikes etc,. Definitely the way to travel across New Zealand.

Relax With Sapphire Spas

How I would love a spa! On a hot day to cool down and on a cold day to warm up, either way a spa at home would be a wonderful treat.
My daughter has been diagnosed with a back problem, my husband and I are not getting any younger and have aches and pains, and my mother suffers from osteoporosis ... a good enough reason for the family to pool their funds and purchase one. Hydrotherapy is ideal for aches and pains.

Sapphire Spas have a website that showcases a wide variety of spas for the home. Their gallery houses ones where you can seat up to ten people ... a great way to spend a family BBQ event!

All measurements are laid out on the site for easy viewing and purchase.
Take a look at their video. Aromatherapy and oxygen detox bubbles to de-stress your mind and body is just what the doctor ordered!

The company offer full support from order date. They pride themselves on a professional service, and want their customers to enjoy the benefits of a relaxing home spa, therefore they have contact details and support systems in place as shown in the video below.


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