Friday for UK Accomodation

Are you looking for accommodation, for a letting agent, or a flatmate? has a website that features all letting situations. They have flats to rent in many parts of Scotland. If you are searching in one particular area, say, Flats to rent Glasgow, the website has them listed separately from, let's say,  Flats to rent Edinburgh, or Flats to rent Aberdeen, making it easier and faster to search.

For landlords the letting website has a large data base of letting agents who offer a wide range of property management services, covering the whole of the UK.

For agents this is the ideal place to promote your business. Get your company onto a large and active data base collection of letting agents available across the UK.

For tenants, the company offers a texting service where you are the first to learn about property that has just become available, (they also have a phone app). With a data base collection of over 90,000 properties to let or for sharing, the website is a great place to start searching for a new home. Their search page is simple to navigate and is uncluttered, making searching faster. If you do not know the area you are about to move to, the site has a useful map search facility. They have also got a list of the best contents insurance policies available.

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