Weight Loss Update: Two Years and Counting

 2011 - 2012

Can you believe it has been nearly two years since I started my weight-loss plan. I am now 32 pounds lighter than I was on January 2nd 2011. The past few months have been a struggle adapting to a new lifestyle in another country but I have been waiting until I am settled properly to weigh myself.

Now I am moving around more in the UK than when I lived in Cyprus, I have toned up and dropped clothing sizes. This week I purchased a coat, it is the smallest I have owned for over twenty-two years! My interest in make-up, scarves, clothes and shoes has been renewed. I enjoy shopping for the first time ever.

I enjoy treats at the weekend, and am looking forward to extra ones at Christmas. This year I will enjoy them but ensure I don't go over the top as I am on my next goal. My aim is to lose another 12lb this year. I have my bike, live by the sea, and run around after a two-year old granddaughter. That should surely help. I am unable to take up Zumba again but am doing extra housework on a more regular basis, so this will make up for the lack of aerobic dancing. I do miss it but my knee objects too much.

So there you have it, I am still working towards a weight-loss goal on a sensible eating plan ... including wine and chocolate!


Loree said...
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Loree said...

You're looking great Glynis. Keep it up.

Loribeth Clark said...

You look gorgeous! Well done!


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